Enjoy Arts & Entertainment in Hancock County!

Enjoy Arts & Entertainment in Hancock County! Main Photo

3 Jun 2024

“Hancock County, IN, has a rich arts & entertainment scene, which offers an array of artistic experiences to immerse yourself into. If you are an art aficionado, a theater enthusiast, a musician, or simply enjoy the fine arts, the county has plenty to enjoy. Those who love the musical arts can join one of the several community choirs and instrumental groups. People have ample access to theater, choir, and acting options as well,” stated Dan Riley, the Secretary of the Hancock Economic Development Council (HEDC).

The Arts Culture in Hancock County is Attracting Visitors!

Children in the area can access the Hancock County Children’s Theater and workshops, the Hancock County Children’s Choir, and the KidsPlay Children’s Theaters. Other artistic expression opportunities include the Wilkerson Dance Studio, CrazyLake Acting Company, Friends of the Theater, and much more! Click here to learn about the arts culture in Hancock County, and come enjoy the show!