Airport, Rail, Ports and Highways Connect Hancock County Businesses with the World

mt comfort corridor

Our region seamlessly connects your operations to domestic and global opportunities. Our extensive network of major interstate highways sets us apart, with the prominent Interstate 70 running through our county, putting your business within moments of a well-developed system of roadways, including Interstates 65, 69, and 74.

Hancock County proudly stands as America’s crossroads, where businesses are empowered to venture into a vast territory of possibilities. With the potential to reach over 114 million prospective customers within a single day’s travel, your business gains an unparalleled competitive edge. Whether you’re eyeing the national or international market, our strategic location ensures your products and services flow seamlessly, solidifying your foothold in the thriving economic landscape.



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Hancock County is a prime location at the crossroads of convenience and opportunity. You can access 114 million potential customers within a day's truck drive. With Interstate 70 seamlessly traversing the region, Hancock County’s strategic positioning places you at the epicenter of a dynamic market.

This strategic hub grants you immediate access to a network of major highways, including Interstates 65, 69, 74, and the Indianapolis 465 loop. Being less than two hours away from I-75 opens the gateway to the nation’s manufacturing belt. Hancock County’s infrastructure is further amplified by the presence of the U.S. Highways 36, 40, and 52, in addition to Indiana State Road 9.


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The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) handles over two billion pounds of cargo and over one million tons of time and temperature-sensitive cargo annually. With direct access off of I-70, the Indianapolis International Airport is a 30-minute truck drive from Hancock County. Home to the second-largest FedEx hub and three hours from the UPS hub in Louisville, KY, there is fast domestic and international air cargo access.

In Hancock County, the Indianapolis Regional Airport (MQJ) has two 6,000 feet long runways, an ILS approach, and an FBO offering support for jet operations, deicing, and heated hangar space.

Additional General Aviation Airports:


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Hancock County currently does not have any rail spurs. However, two CSX mainlines pass through the County--one through Fortville and McCordsville and the other in New Palestine--with two major large-scale intermodal terminals in Indianapolis, Indiana (less than 30 minutes from Hancock County) and one in Avon, Indiana (roughly 40 miles west of Hancock County).

The proximity to the state Capital of Indianapolis provides businesses access to four other railroad companies that can transport equipment and products to customers across the Midwest.

Water Supply

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Hancock County has a water supply capable of supplying businesses with amounts supporting large and small-scale operations. Current industrial sites offer an excess availability capacity of up to 500,000 gallons of water and 350,000 gallons of wastewater.

Hancock County’s largest city, Greenfield, has a total firm capacity of seven million gallons per day, which can expand to eleven million gallons per day. The City of Greenfield can support business growth with its current average of approximately 2.5 million gallons of water daily. 


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Hancock County’s commitment to innovation is underscored by its cutting-edge infrastructure. We accommodate even the most expansive operations with a robust utility capacity and a fiber network capable of delivering up to 100 gigabits of synchronous service. This solid foundation empowers your business to operate seamlessly, keeping you at the forefront of logistical excellence.


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Hancock County, Indiana, gives businesses access to central Indiana’s utility capacity and connections. From plenty of clean, fresh water to multiple providers for electricity and telecommunications, our providers are ready to accommodate your company’s most challenging needs efficiently and affordably, with an up-to-date infrastructure designed to support growing companies.

County locations are served by 12+ kV electric lines, high-pressure natural gas lines, and broadband fiber with up to 100 gigabits of synchronous service.

Our local utilities act as valuable partners, taking a business-focused approach that responds to specific needs and expedites development instead of slowing it down.


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Two international ports, Burns Harbor and the Port of Toledo, are within 212 miles of Hancock County. These multimodal transportation hubs are well-positioned as inland distribution points for North American and international commerce.

Three ports in Indiana serve the region, and one in Ohio.