Unlock Your Logistics Potential in Hancock County, Indiana

Hancock County is the ultimate destination for efficient and successful logistics and transportation operations with unparalleled access and strategic advantages. Our county’s positioning, comprehensive transportation network, and robust workforce make us the prime choice for your logistical needs.

Prime Geographical Advantage: Connecting You to 114 Million Consumers

Located in Central Indiana, Hancock County places your company at the epicenter of a logistical network. With direct access to Interstate 70 and minutes away from Interstates 465, 65, 69, and 74, our county ensures seamless connectivity to key transportation routes. Operating in Hancock County puts your shipments in motion swiftly, reaching over 114 million consumers within a day’s truck drive to your target markets in the U.S. and Canada.

indy regional airport
Indianapolis Regional Airport

Rapid Access via International Airports

Hancock County’s logistical prowess extends to the skies, offering unbeatable access to air cargo facilities. Within 30 minutes lies the Indianapolis International Airport (IND)—home to the world’s second-largest FedEx hub. Additionally, the UPS hub in Louisville, KY, stands less than three hours away. These international airports provide swift domestic and global connectivity for air cargo requirements.

The Indianapolis Regional Airport (MQJ) stands ready for expedited airborne operations with extensive features, including runways exceeding 6,000 feet, ILS approach capabilities, and comprehensive FBO services. From jet operations to deicing and heated hangar space, MQJ ensures your ventures take flight with streamlined efficiency.

Your Bridge to Success

In Hancock County, your logistics enterprise gains an unrivaled advantage. Our strategic location, comprehensive transportation network, exceptional air cargo access, skilled workforce, and state-of-the-art infrastructure converge to position your business for success. Join us and experience the power of Hancock County’s logistical advantage firsthand.