A Hub for Agri-business Excellence

Hancock County boasts a rich legacy deeply intertwined with agriculture. Situated in the geographical nucleus of one of America’s most fertile farming states, our region has flourished as a cradle of agricultural innovation and productivity. With a community steeped in agrarian traditions, our residents possess an innate understanding of the pivotal role farming plays in global sustenance.

tuttle orchards pumpkin tower
Tuttle Orchards

Nurturing a Robust Workforce

Hancock County has emerged as a magnet, attracting food science and pharmaceutical research pioneers. The future of Indiana agriculture is in good hands. Purdue, Notre Dame, and Indiana University are recognized globally for their research excellence and thought leadership.

Other schools offer dedicated agriculture programs and curricula, including Huntington University, Vincennes University, Ivy Tech Community College, and Ancilla College.

Elevate Your Agri-business in Hancock County

In the heart of Indiana’s agricultural epicenter, Hancock County beckons with a treasure trove of benefits for aspiring agri-businesses. Our agrarian heritage, abundant resources, and resolute workforce converge to create an environment primed for innovation and growth. Partner with us; together, we’ll cultivate a future brimming with agri-business excellence.