Building a Bright Future for Life Science Innovation and Growth

Hancock County is a dynamic and ever-evolving life sciences industry hub. Our county is proud to be the home of significant operations for pharmaceutical development leader Labcorp Drug Development. This legacy has cultivated a highly skilled local workforce that intimately understands the intricate demands and opportunities of advancing healthcare and enhancing the quality of life.

A Skilled Workforce Well-Versed in Life Sciences

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Fortville-based Lgenia works to discover new medications for debilitating diseases and make them affordable to all.

At the heart of our success lies a proficient and adaptable labor force. Drawing from a labor shed of over 2 million workers within a convenient hour’s drive from our communities, we provide you access to a vast talent pool. Our strategic location allows us to tap into a diverse and skilled workforce, ready to contribute their expertise to your life science endeavors.

Our local educational institutions collaborate closely with the industry, offering specialized programs tailored to meet its demands. High schools in the area provide students with real-world exposure to biomedical practices, igniting their passion and preparing them for the industry's challenges.

Nearby Ivy Tech Community College campuses further enrich the talent pipeline by offering postsecondary courses in high-demand areas like biotechnology, chemical technology, and nanotechnology. These targeted educational opportunities ensure a constant flow of skilled graduates eager to contribute to advancing life sciences.

Advance Your Life Sciences Business Toward the Innovation

Choosing Hancock County as the home for your life science business means gaining a competitive edge. Our community boasts a deep-seated understanding of the sector, a labor force ready to take on the most intricate challenges, and an education system committed to producing top-tier talent. With these resources in place, your company can confidently navigate the path to achieving its objectives and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Join us in Hancock County, Indiana, where the foundations are laid, the workforce is ready, and the possibilities for life science breakthroughs are limitless. Together, we’ll shape a future where healthcare reaches new heights, and quality of life is profoundly enhanced.