Businesses Benefit from Incentives in Hancock County!

Businesses Benefit from Incentives in Hancock County! Main Photo

6 May 2024

“Here in Hancock County, IN, businesses have access to several unique incentives that are helping them thrive! The Hancock Economic Development Council (HEDC) has a staff that is dedicated to providing guidance and recommendations to companies in the area. The HEDC is dedicated to providing businesses large and small with financial resources that they need to be successful in the county,” stated Jon Miller, the Treasurer of the HEDC.

Hancock County Businesses Benefit from Financial Incentives

The HEDC staff can assist your company in completing property tax abatement applications and seeking tax increment financing. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is another incentive offered to businesses in Hancock County looking to retain or expand their business. Statewide incentives are also offered to companies in the county. Click here to learn more about incentives that can help your business succeed here in Hancock County today!