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Stay Updated with Hancock County Business News! Main Photo

15 Apr 2024

“Here at the Hancock Economic Development Council (HEDC), we pride ourselves on our commitment to keeping people up-to-date with local business and economic development news. The staff at the HEDC is dedicated to helping the local economy, businesses, and the community succeed here in Hancock County, IN. One way the staff at the HEDC is accomplishing this goal is to ensure that everyone has easy and free access to important news that affects the local economy,” stated Jon Miller, the HEDC Treasurer.

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The HEDC website has been created to help business owners, residents, and others gain free access to important economic development news and incentives. The site is an excellent way for residents, workers, and business owners to stay in touch and updated on all the latest news here in Hancock County. Click here to visit the HEDC’s website and stay in the know!