Need manufacturing talent resources?

Need manufacturing talent resources? Main Photo

25 Jan 2024


Hancock County makes stuff. Just drive down factory-filled New Road in Greenfield. From Thursday Pools in Fortville to Tech Castings in Shirley, manufacturing shines bright throughout the county’s diversified economy.

And plenty of resources are available to manufacturers to help ensure they have the talent they need to succeed. Representatives from WorkOne Central and Ivy Tech returned to the Thrive Center this week to discuss these offerings at a follow-up to their Hancock County Manufacturing Talent Pipeline & Education Roundtable from last October.

Comprehensive work-based learning programs are available, along with assistance on how to establish them. Officials can also help employers select apprenticeable occupations, refine work processes, and customize training to meet specific needs. Grant funding to support such efforts is accessible as well.

Innovative initiatives like these empower Hancock County's workforce with the skills and education necessary to excel in a swiftly evolving job market, securing future prosperity and economic growth.

Check out the event’s slide deck with more information on available resources.