Resources available for manufacturing talent pipeline, education

Resources available for manufacturing talent pipeline, education Main Photo

11 Oct 2023


Nearly 62% of Indiana high school seniors will not have completed a post-secondary credential within six years after leaving high school, according to information from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

On top of that, nearly 93,000 Indiana young adults age 18 to 24 do not have a high school diploma, and over 434,000 Indiana adults 18 to 64 do not have a high school diploma.

That leaves a lot of opportunity to grow the state’s talent.

And there are plenty of ways to do it, as discussed at the Hancock County Manufacturing Talent Pipeline & Education Roundtable at the Thrive Center on October 10th, 2023. The event, presented by Ivy Tech Community College, WorkOne Region 5, and the Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship, explored a variety of strategies to bridge these educational gaps and bolster Hancock County’s and Indiana’s workforce.

Representatives from these organizations shed light on comprehensive work-based learning programs and how to establish them. They also discussed their ability to assist employers in selecting apprenticeable occupations, refining work processes, and customizing training to meet specific employer needs. Additionally, professionals from Ivy Tech in Anderson presented information about their customized skills training for employers.

The event also emphasized the availability of grant funding to support work-based learning initiatives. It concluded with valuable insights from Hancock County business leaders in attendance, who shared their observations about skill and position gaps in their workforces and discussed the training topics they believe will become increasingly important due to technological advances.

These collaborative efforts aim to equip Indiana’s workforce with the skills and education needed to thrive in a rapidly changing job market. By fostering innovative training programs, Hancock County and the state can ensure its future prosperity and economic growth.

Check out the event’s slide deck with more information on available resources.