Experience the Benefits of Parks and Recreation in Hancock County, IN

Experience the Benefits of Parks and Recreation in Hancock County, IN Main Photo

2 Jul 2024


National Parks and Recreation Month has been celebrated every July for nearly 40 years. The summer months are a great time to explore the diverse recreational opportunities in Hancock County, IN. With more than 34 city parks, hiking trails, streams, and natural wonders, there's always something new and exciting to discover.

"Whether you're looking for a day of sunshine or planning a week-long camping adventure, Hancock County, IN has something for everyone," says Mitchell Kirk, Communications Director at the Hancock Economic Development Council. "Our exceptional park system enhances the quality of life in Hancock County, making it a highly desirable place to call home."

Visiting Local Parks Supports Regional Economic Development 

A direct correlation exists between visiting state or local parks and economic development in and around Hancock County, IN. The money you spend on park admission or annual passes helps the preserves hire park rangers and other stewards of our natural assets.

Your contribution is vital in supporting the parks' upkeep, including removing invasive species and litter that can harm local wildlife. This maintenance improves the quality of life in and around Hancock County, IN, and makes it a desirable place to live now and for future generations. Your support ensures that state parks like Fort Harrison State Park just outside of Hancock County remain an asset that attracts residents to the area, and helps grow the workforce.

Even if admission is free, your visit to Hancock County, IN's local parks makes a difference. Parks monitor foot traffic and visitor counts, and your attendance could lead to additional funding for the parks and programs for kids, families, and adults alike.

Explore Local Parks in Hancock County, IN 

Buck Creek Trail and National Road Park in Cumberland

Buck Creek Trail in Cumberland is perfect for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. It winds through lush greenery and along a peaceful creek, offering a tranquil escape. National Road Park adds wide-open spaces, picnic areas, and a playground, ideal for family outings and community events.

Memorial Park and Landmark Park in Fortville

Memorial Park in Fortville features well-maintained paths, picnic shelters, and recreational facilities, making it great for sports and family relaxation. Nearby, Landmark Park offers paved walks through a landscaped setting, a gazebo, and a soccer/football field.

Depot Street Park, the Kathy Dowling Aquatic Center, and Thornwood Nature Preserve in Greenfield

Depot Street Park in Greenfield is a community hub with an outdoor stage that hosts annual concert series and has the Pennsy Trail winding right through it. The Kathy Dowling Aquatic Center provides a pool and water features for cooling off on hot days. Thornwood Nature Preserve offers trails through dense woods for a deeper connection with nature.

Mt. Comfort Road Trail and Old School Park in McCordsville

Mt. Comfort Road Trail in McCordsville offers scenic walking, running, or cycling views. Old School Park combines recreation with history, featuring a park shelter, playground, historic monument, and story walk.

Copperstone Trail and Jacob Schramm Nature Preserve in New Palestine

Copperstone Trail in New Palestine is known for its peaceful environment and well-maintained paths, perfect for a stroll or jog. Jacob Schramm Nature Preserve offers a loop trail and diverse wildlife for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers.

Shirley Heritage Trail in Shirley

Shirley Heritage Trail highlights the town's history and natural beauty. Ideal for walking and biking, it offers a scenic journey through the landscape.

Weir Cook Community Park in Wilkinson

Weir Cook Community Park in Wilkinson features a playground, basketball court, and picnic areas. It's a popular spot for families and friends, fostering a strong sense of community with its welcoming facilities.

Learn How the Hancock Economic Development Council Supports Quality of Life in Hancock County, IN

Each park in Hancock County, Indiana, offers unique benefits and opportunities to connect with nature and the community. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat, a place to play, or a spot to learn about local history, these parks provide a perfect backdrop for enjoying the outdoors.

The parks in Hancock County, IN, contribute to our region's quality of life. The HEDC strives to support the area's child care, education, housing, and recreational assets. Learn more about our hard work and how our efforts improve economic development in Hancock County, IN. For more information on the extensive park system in Hancock County, visit our parks and recreation page or contact us to learn how we can help.