Leading Indiana Battery Prototyping and Testing Companies Collaborate to Expand Capabilities and Sustainability Solutions

Leading Indiana Battery Prototyping and Testing Companies Collaborate to Expand Capabilities and Sustainability Solutions Main Photo

26 Mar 2024


Blue Whale Energy & Innovation (BWE&I), a battery testing and evaluation lab offering performance testing and abuse testing for li-ion cells, modules, and packs of varying chemistries, proudly announces an exciting new collaboration with Photon Automation, Inc. Under this partnership, BWE&I will establish testing capabilities at Photon’s automation and manufacturing facility at 501 W. New Rd., Greenfield, IN 46140 to serve Photon’s existing battery manufacturing clients and new clients in need of performance testing for li-ion, lead acid and complex chemistries.

Photon Automation is a leading provider of customized automated assembly lines for battery manufacturing and provides best-in-class laser welding capabilities at its locations in Greenfield, IN and Farmington Hills, MI. BWE&I’s end-of-line testing capabilities have recently expanded, due to the acquisition of key equipment, which includes access to advanced high-voltage cell cyclers, temperature chambers, and more. BWE&I’s end-of-line testing for li-ion batteries and complex chemistries will bring a streamlined experience from prototype manufacturing to fully characterized and validated mass-produced battery packs.

Danny Marshall, Lead Manager of Testing and Evaluation at BWE&I noted that “whether it’s leveraging our enhanced testing capacity (now up to 420V), discussing automated manufacturing solutions with Photon, or delving into the many facets involved in battery degradation, we're excited to support and elevate endeavors with Photon in this new partnership.”

Bill Fletcher, Sales and Marketing Manager at Photon underscored this opportunity stating that “Photon offers best-in-class laser welding and automation technology for battery module and pack assembly and with this new partnership, we can offer end-of-line testing capabilities to our customers through BWE&I’s capabilities.”

Under the partnership, BWE&I will establish a satellite testing lab at Photon Automation, located at 501 W. New Rd., Greenfield, IN 46140 and will maintain its existing capabilities, including over 700 test channels and abuse testing capabilities at 1752 Fields Blvd., Greenfield, IN 46140.  BWE&I is a subsidiary of Blue Whale Materials LLC, a li-ion battery recycling company providing full lifecycle solutions.  

BW Energy & Innovation supports everyday energy needs with the ability to test and validate batteries, ranging anywhere from an alkaline AAA battery to lithium cells and modules in EVs and hybrids. With over 700 channels, including up to 420v, and full abuse testing capabilities, BWE&I is positioned to support a wide range of testing and certification needs, supporting clients via validation planning and project management, battery integration and maintenance, recycling and second-life solutions and more. BWE&I is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

For further information about BW Energy & Innovation, please visit https://www.bluewhalematerials.com/testing-evaluation or contact Danny Marshall, Lead Manager of Testing and Evaluation, Phone: +1 731-335-1961 Email: dmarshall@bw-ei.com.  Sanika Bhave, Marketing, Phone: (650) 241-9505, Email: sbhave@bluewhalematerials.com

Photon Automation is a leading provider of custom machinery, featuring automated industrial laser solutions specializing in laser welding, cutting, cleaning and marking applications. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Photon serves a diverse range of industries, including energy storage, medical device, consumer products, communication, automotive, aerospace, and powertrain. Their team of experts combines technical expertise with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high-quality automated equipment that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Photon’s operations include a total of 250,000 square feet of space, including applications development laboratories, engineering offices, machine shop and manufacturing space. Photon’s services include design and development of custom automated machines, but also includes application development services, prototype manufacturing and testing, and DFM consulting. The range of systems that Photon produces includes semi-automated stand-alone machines or fixtures to fully automated production lines.

For further information about PHOTON AUTOMATION, INC. and their laser applications laboratory, please visit www.photonautomation.com or contact Bill Fletcher, Director of Sales and Marketing, Phone: +1 317-649-0923 Email: bfletcher@photonautomation.com.