There’s So Much to Enjoy in Hancock County!

There’s So Much to Enjoy in Hancock County! Main Photo

27 May 2024

“Hancock County, IN, has something for everyone to enjoy! The county’s affordable housing, great school districts, and job opportunities are attracting more families to the area. Business professionals succeed with workforce training, career advancement opportunities, and financial incentives to assist businesses in the area. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the myriad of other fun things to enjoy in the county as well!” stated Jon Miller, Treasurer of the Hancock Economic Development Council (HEDC).

Hancock County Has Something for Everyone to Enjoy!

Hancock County is home to captivating museums, unique shops, restaurants, and breweries! The county also has a thriving visual and musical arts culture, with several opportunities to participate or enjoy on the sidelines! Outdoor recreation opportunities are ample, with several parks and trails available for public use. Click here to learn more about all the fun things to do here in Hancock County today!