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Stay Connected to Hancock County News! Main Photo

20 May 2024

“The Hancock Economic Development Council (HEDC) is inviting business owners, entrepreneurs, residents, and visitors to follow us on social media to stay connected to everything happening here in Hancock County, IN! The HEDC and its staff are dedicated and committed to keeping community members up-to-date on local news and events. The HEDC social media pages are regularly updated by the HEDC staff to ensure that everyone has access to this vital information,” stated Harold Olin, the President of the HEDC.

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Over the past five years, the HEDC’s staff has overseen the creation of almost 20 million square feet of industrial development in Hancock County. There are several location advantages and incentives to locating your business in the county, all of which will be highlighted and updated on the HEDC’s social media. Click here to follow Hancock County and stay updated!